French American Farmstead Life Awaits Me…

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Well, I am off to Washington State to live the farmstead lifestyle at The Monteillet Fromagerie. Pie creations will be made at the outdoor farm dinners this warm summer. Cheese creations will accompany these pie creations. The pie will hopefully be featured soon in a couple of restaurants in the area: Whoop Em Up Hollow Cafe and Jim German Bar.

My focus will be cheese, yet get ready for the next holiday season, where The Golden Crust will return with full force to the Bay Area.

Pastry Delights Celebrate Homestead Cheese

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As an aspiring cheese maker living in the urban environment, I have decided to throw the first event of its kind:  Homestead Cheese and Pairings.  It will be a cheese soiree to remember.  What food producer wouldn’t want to use the most local, hand made cheeses in the region?  Who wouldn’t want to support the local dairy economy that strives towards sustainability and community living?

This is The Golden Crust’s ultimate vision as well.  I am excited to combine the forces of pie and cheese into a beautiful, neighborhood artisan union.  

Getting to know my talents as a cheese maker is like stepping into my chemist mind.  Just as in baking, science and creativity meet up in a beautiful meditation about food and its relationship to humans.

Everyone is welcome.  Be sure to SIGN UP in advance!  This is a private event.

A Soiree of tasting: A gathering of minds and palates…


Blue Six

3043 24th St.

Saturday, February 27


Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  The Golden Crust would love to bake for you.  Below are a listing of some of the newest baking delights to choose from.

Red Wine Poached Pear and Custard Tart $20

Meyer Lemon Souffle Tart $20

Linzertorte with select Berry Preserves from Slow Jams $20

Peekaboo Tarts with Slow Jams and Homemade Ricotta $20

Eclairs $3/each

Cream Puffs, glazed with Pear Infused Chocolate $2/each

And, of course, our list of pies to be found on the website….

Also, stay tuned for the next Underground Farmer’s Market near the end of the month.  The market will take place in a larger space next time to accommodate the masses of producers and customers!  The last one was a booming success.  I sold out in 3 hours!

There will be a pick up spot in Bernal Heights.  The Inner Richmond location for pick up will be announced shortly.

I am excited to specialize for you with whatever your heart desires.  Let your heart and stomach lead the way..


The Golden Crust


Collaboration with Slow Jams Begins!

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 Get ready Underground Farmer’s Market.  Here we come! 


Puff Pastry delights: Honey Persimmon Butter, Homemade Ricotta



Crust, fruit, and cheese: The Perfect Formula





Grapefruit Conserve with Lavender Sugar



To Be Continued…

Lizzy Departs For Spain, The Golden Crust Lives On

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Well, our dearly beloved Lizzy Myers of The Golden Crust has left for Spain today.  She will be there for 6 months.  That means, that I, Jessica Sennett, am left in San Francisco with the smashing pie business.

The holiday season served us well.  With our production came more inspiration.

Check out our Video Tribute to Lizzy and the Holidays

Soon, I will be collaborating with the fruit preserves company Slow Jams: Jam For The People.

I have also been studying cheese making for the last 3 years.  My expertise in dairy combined with Slow Jams’ expertise in preserves will yield  a beautiful product: Milk Jam.  It is  creamy, delicious, and perfect for Puff Pastry Delights!

We will also be making Tarts combining Slow Jam and my homemade cheese.  Yum!

Our next collaborative event:  The Underground Farmer’s Market on January 28th, at a soon to be announced location in the Mission District.

The Golden Crust’s Pie Menu is in a beautiful, creative transition, yet this baker is always ready to bake whatever your heart desires.

Keep in touch for Valentine’s day.  With new crust and new flavors, you’ll definitely be wanting a tart for your little Tart-let.

‘Tis the season for ordering pies!

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Christmas is coming, we are in the midst of Hanukkah, and I’ve heard of about 3 different ugly holiday sweater parties going on in one weekend.  For any holiday occasion, pie is scrumptious, satisfying, and lovely. Tell us your pie desires – we will be sure to fulfill your holiday dreams as well as we can.

Our options: 

Pecan and Mandarin – $20 
Meyer Lemon Meringue – $20
Cafe au Chocolat with Caramelized Hazelnuts – $20
Upside Down Caramelized Pear and Quince Tart – $18
Sweet Potato Bourbon – $15
Pumpkin Bourbon – $15
Apple Medley with Lattice Crust- $20

Notice that our prices vary according to expense of ingredients and labor.  

Would you like something vegan? We can do that, too.

We will be taking orders for the holidays starting today.  For Christmas, we will have pick up the eve of the 23rd and the afternoon of the 24th at both Inner Richmond and Bernal Heights locations.  Get your orders in by December 22nd!

We want to make something you and your family will love.

Thank you for the Great Chai and Pie Party!

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What a success we had yesterday.  It was truly a street party.  We sold out of everything, danced on the street, and really rejoiced for three hours straight off of chai and pie.  That’s what I call good community lovin’!  We’d also like to welcome all the new members of our email list and encourage all of you to keep in touch with us.  Collaboration is what we love, so please feel free to contact us ( with pie and chai inspiration and feedback.

A great man named John who is constructing a Midnight Snack television show made a little video of our operation.  Thanks to John for starting us out right! Check it out:

The Beginnings of Chai and Pie

We will soon be showcasing mini design pies at art openings and also for street food.  Stay tuned!  Pie and chai will return shortly to the streets.

We also just started a Facebook Group Page!

We love you!

Jive with Chai and Pie! Street Party!

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Join us this Sunday, December 6th near Dolores Park, 11am-2pm.  Take a late Sunday morning stroll to the park and stop by Linda and 19th Street for warm chai, pie, and musical entertainment.

Our chai making expert, Evan Huggins, will be making strong, flavorful chai with Straus Family Creamery Whole Milk.  Warm your tummy and your soul!


Slice of Pie (Organic Lemon Cream, Organic Lemon Meringue,  Organic Sweet Potato, and Cafe au Chocolate)-$3

Bring a friend, get two slices of pie at $5!

Wear your finest  Sunday attire!



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It’s Thanksgiving and who can resist finishing off a scrumptious meal with a delightful Sweet Potato Pie with Bourbon Cream?  Order up until Tuesday evening (November 24, 2009)! Pick up will be Wednesday evening or Thursday morning between 9am-12pm.  Only $15 a pie! Wow!
Just email us.  Be sure to leave your name, phone number and address, so we can find the most convenient pick-up spot for you!

Pecan and Kumquat

Chocolate Hazelnut

Upside Down Caramelized Pear and Quince

Heirloom Apple

Sweet Potato

Lemon Cream

Pumpkin Bourborn

Plus Vegan Alternatives!