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Collaboration with Slow Jams Begins!

Posted in Uncategorized on January 19, 2010 by thegoldencrust

 Get ready Underground Farmer’s Market.  Here we come! 


Puff Pastry delights: Honey Persimmon Butter, Homemade Ricotta



Crust, fruit, and cheese: The Perfect Formula





Grapefruit Conserve with Lavender Sugar



To Be Continued…


Lizzy Departs For Spain, The Golden Crust Lives On

Posted in Uncategorized on January 15, 2010 by thegoldencrust

Well, our dearly beloved Lizzy Myers of The Golden Crust has left for Spain today.  She will be there for 6 months.  That means, that I, Jessica Sennett, am left in San Francisco with the smashing pie business.

The holiday season served us well.  With our production came more inspiration.

Check out our Video Tribute to Lizzy and the Holidays

Soon, I will be collaborating with the fruit preserves company Slow Jams: Jam For The People.

I have also been studying cheese making for the last 3 years.  My expertise in dairy combined with Slow Jams’ expertise in preserves will yield  a beautiful product: Milk Jam.  It is  creamy, delicious, and perfect for Puff Pastry Delights!

We will also be making Tarts combining Slow Jam and my homemade cheese.  Yum!

Our next collaborative event:  The Underground Farmer’s Market on January 28th, at a soon to be announced location in the Mission District.

The Golden Crust’s Pie Menu is in a beautiful, creative transition, yet this baker is always ready to bake whatever your heart desires.

Keep in touch for Valentine’s day.  With new crust and new flavors, you’ll definitely be wanting a tart for your little Tart-let.