Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.  The Golden Crust would love to bake for you.  Below are a listing of some of the newest baking delights to choose from.

Red Wine Poached Pear and Custard Tart $20

Meyer Lemon Souffle Tart $20

Linzertorte with select Berry Preserves from Slow Jams $20

Peekaboo Tarts with Slow Jams and Homemade Ricotta $20

Eclairs $3/each

Cream Puffs, glazed with Pear Infused Chocolate $2/each

And, of course, our list of pies to be found on the website….

Also, stay tuned for the next Underground Farmer’s Market near the end of the month.  The market will take place in a larger space next time to accommodate the masses of producers and customers!  The last one was a booming success.  I sold out in 3 hours!

There will be a pick up spot in Bernal Heights.  The Inner Richmond location for pick up will be announced shortly.

I am excited to specialize for you with whatever your heart desires.  Let your heart and stomach lead the way..


The Golden Crust



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